Bonita Springs Short Film Festival 2024 Logo
Hello filmmakers. All received entries have been notified via email. if you have submitted an entry and did not receive a response email, please call 239 404-3377, ASAP. Leave a message.


9th Annual Bonita Springs Short Film Fest Competition

  1. This film competition is an annual celebration of the City of Bonita Springs and is open to ALL genres, ages, and levels of skill. A panel of citizens of Bonita will judge each submission accordingly.
  2. A ENTRY FEE of $10 will be collected upon submission. We do not accept submissions without payment.
  3. This year’s festival topic is “LAUGH OUT LOUD BONITA”.
  4. You may use additional footage shot on any location, as long as you hold the rights to that footage – Failure to observe this rule can disqualify your entry. If you have doubts about using certain footage from someone or somewhere else, please contact us – Always remember that the higher the portion of your short film is recorded in the City of Bonita Springs, the higher your winning chances are.
  5. Each film/video must be between 1 minute and 10 minutes long, with an interesting story for everyone to enjoy. We are strict with this rule and if your film/video exceeds this length, we will be unable to accept your entry.
  6. Photographic sequences are acceptable, as long as they do not exceed 50% of the film’s length. 
  7. Films must be shot at least at 720p resolution. Your iPhone or Android, or camcorder, will do just fine. Make sure you keep close attention to the sound.
  8. The organization will help you editing your film if you so wish. Just contact us before you start filming for some technical guidance, and we’ll edit the film for you. We will follow your storytelling instructions, to make sure your vision is untouched.
  9. In addition, If you need a camcorder we might also be able to provide you with one, though keep in mind that those resources are limited, and can only be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis, for only a pre-determined length of time.
  10. All entries must be “PG-13” rated for all audiences, and must be uploaded onto our website. No mailing submissions will be accepted.
  11. Remember to upload to YouTube or Vimeo at the highest possible quality.
  12. Also, if requested, be prepared to submit a flash drive with of your best high-resolution master within a week of being notified, should your entry be selected as a finalist. Failure to do so, will force the organization to show your original online submission, at whatever resolution you’ve submitted.
  13. And do not forget that you must include an application form, which you can download on this website, stating that though you have full copyright ownership of your creative work, the organization of the festival does reserve the right to use your film, for promotional purposes of the festival, and, or, of the City of Bonita Springs as promotional materials. You may submit as many entries as you want, though each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry application.
  14. All submitted entries will receive an official e-mail from the Film Festival organization confirming its acceptance.
  15. DEADLINE: No mailing submissions are acceptable. Entries must be uploaded onto this website no later than midnight of Sunday March 24th, 2024.
  16. If you have submitted an entry, but have not received a film submission confirmation from the organization, you must contact us NO LATER than March 29th.
  17. AWARDS: Entries will be judged by panel of judges selected by the organization.

Now get out there and start exploring and filming in beautiful Bonita Springs Florida!