When filling the submissions’ page, make sure all fields are filled with valid information. When completed, hit the SUBMIT box.

You should be able to see immediately a GREEN box reading “YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN SENT”. A confirmation email will be sent to the email you provided, within a day.

If you are having any trouble submitting your entry, or have not received a confirmation email please email us for assistance at antonio@bonitavideo.com

As already mentioned, we have resources to share; No camera, no editing experience, no actors, no problem. We will work with you and help you with equipment, cast, lighting, sound, music, and editing assistance. Please keep in mind, though, that those resources are limited, and will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis, for only a pre-determined length of time.

Click here to fill out and download the PDF application if you’d prefer to submit offline.



IMPORTANT: If you have any questions about location permits and filming authorizations please call us or email us in advance so we can provide with the necessary contact information. There are City ordinances about drones and other regulations that you must follow at all times. Don’t take any chances. We will help you with the paperwork as much as we can but ultimately you are the sole responsible for your actions. So have fun but remember to be considerate to your fellow citizens, respect their privacy and follow every City and traffic regulation at all times.