2015 Submissions

“The First Road” by David Eisenberg

“Surveyor’s Creek Gild” by Bill Jares

“An Imperial Journey” by Camila Cal

“Paddling the Imperial River in East Bonita” by Chris Grffith

“Imperial Life, a river to us all” by Paula and Francis McKeen

“The Imperial Gate” by Camilo Martinez

“A River Winds Through It” by Charlie Strader

“Edwin Goes Fishing” by Edwin Couto

“The Imperial Imp” by Glen Beitman

“A Ripple in the river” by Connor Huseman

“Starting Over” by Kendra Gilreath

“The Imperial River the Heart and Soul of Bonita Springs” by John Paeno and Aaron Thomas

“Petey and Jake’s River Adventure” by Elizabeth Simmons

“The Imperial River, a jewel in nature’s crown” by Ryan Willoughby and Lake Sims

“Fly” by Ashleigh Chevalier

“On Around and Above the Imperial River” by JP Theis

“I Selfie That Emotion” by Drew and Mai Harkness

“Red Mangrove Paddle” by Rebecca Garry

“The Imperial River the Beautiful Runs through us” by Frank Cassidy

“When the river runs deep” by Brandon Jordan

“Magnificent” by Mary Blackmon

“River Stories” by Charlie Strader

“Song for Bonita” by Linda Liles

“The River” by Trey Blackmon

“Done Me Bad” by Peter Panzeri